Language and Religion
The official language is Spanish. English is also spoken and, along the border with Haiti, a dialect of French derivation. The most diffused religion is the Roman Catholic (94%).

Local Currency and Trade
The local currency is the pesos, which is divided into 100 centavos and is strongly dependent on the U.S. Dollar. The primary economic resources are agriculture and tourism.

According to the Constitution of 1966, the Dominican Republic is founded on a presidential government framework in which the Head of State, elected through universal suffrage every four years, is also the Head of Government. The legislative power is vested in the National Congress, composed by the House of Representatives (150 members) and the Senate (32 members). Members are elected every four years through universal suffrage.

Why Invest in the Dominican Republic

    Macroeconomic outlook:
  • The country is currently going through economic growth;
  • New legislation is opening the country to international trade;
  • The Dominican Republic considers foreign investment as the means to assure the integration of the Dominican economy into the global one and to increase its competitiveness and are guaranteed with a national law: law 16-95 of 20/11/1996
  • Political stability is also supported by the strong links the island with U.S. interests;
  • The Real estate market is growing by 7% for year since 1995 with a steady increase in GDP.

Tourism paradise

Tourism is one of the pillars of the Dominican economy, with an estimated 25% of the nation´s GDP. The DR has one of the fastest growing economies in the Caribbean. Over the past two years of economic recession, the country managed to maintain it’s political and macroeconomic stability and its exceptional conditions for investment and international trade. Dostic and international investors in the DR know they can count on the legal guarantees granted by our free trade agreements with the US and the EU through the respective DR-CAFTA and EPA agreements. The country is fully capable of attracting international investment, offering a strategic geographic location, in the heart of the North and South American hemispheres, rapid access to Western markets and established industrial free trade zones to take advantage of the lower costs of our ports and international airports. We are the largest worldwide producer of premium cigars, and leading exporter of high-quality organic cacao and bananas. The Dominican Republic offers a modern transportation infrastructure, with international airports, three recently renewed airfields, an extensive road network, advanced telecommunications infrastructure and a skilled, qualified and largely bilingual labor force. According to the WTO we are the Caribbean leader in both tourism and large infrastructure facilities. Among its several investment incentives, the country has an International Investment Law that grants equal rights to foreigners, with tax exemptions to retirees who choose to establish residency in the DR. Tourism Law 158-01 provides fiscal exemptions to tourism projects and allows refurbishing and re-equipment of five-year-old projects, ensuring competitiveness and return on investments. Thanks to a confluence of natural beauty, excellent climate and the kindness of the Dominicans, the surplus value of real estate makes the DR an excellent place to invest and get a healthy return, shelter savings and enjoy a second home. Along with its main tourist destinations (Puerto Plata, Costa Caribe, Punta Cana, Constanza, Samana, Barahona, Montecristi and Bani, Baya Hibe La Romana) the country offers the greatest biodiversity in the Caribbean. Endless beaches, tall mountains, dense jungles, arid deserts and waterfalls coexist in this magic land. A port network and high-end signature golf courses position the DR as a leading Caribbean golf destination. Our vital musical heritage and fine cuisine help make ours a rich, diverse culture that is well worth getting to know.

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